Business Headshots / Portraits


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My typical set up at a conference to shoot business head-shots! Here we had the luxury of our own private room and managed to shoot a total of approx 70 persons. Each person gets 10 to 15 photos taken in … Continue reading

Wall Art!

Broward County is celebrating it’s centennial year with a series of bold, innovative and performance projects that attract visitors and bring the incredible diversity of Broward residents together, by creatively bridging, bonding and building communities.
One such project is ‘Inside Out’ inspired by Parisian street artist JR.
Inside Out captures a collective message through headshots of individuals, which are printed on posters, pasted on public spaces and archived online, this global platform allows people to tell their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art. Since 2007, installations have appeared on walls, sidewalks, streets, skyscrapers and historic buildings around the globe.
This is what photography is all about for me!!
kudos to everyone that helped today at United Way, also Bethanie Parker and Dawn Robinson of Broward 100 for putting it all together and making it happen!